IHT is proud to offer our state of the art line of disease free, energy efficient Hog Hearth® heat mats and controllers. Designed to provide the optimum amount of heat to your pigs at the right time, the Hog Hearth® system promotes a consistent improved weight per litter while reducing stress, improving digestion & reducing crushing and lay-ons. Running the Hog Hearth® mat in conjunction with the HMC (Heat Mat Controller) guarantees your pigs will be raised in the safest most ethical & energy efficient manner.

Proven Advantages

The Hog Hearth® Heat Mat provides continuous antimicrobial surface protection from disease causing microbes and bacteria.

pig-smallThe Anti-Microbial additive lasts a lifetime eliminating stains, odors and surface deterioration.

  • Tough long lasting construction with medical grade plastic shell
  • New non-slip, easy-clean surface
  • Even and consistent heat – get the right amount of heat to your pigs at the right time
  • Less crushing and lay-ons, leading to a lower mortality rate
  • Consistent improved weight per litter
  • Heat Mat Indicator (HMI) indicates that each mat is drawing current and producing heat
  • Safe operation – no shocks – no fires


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