Get the most out of your Hog Hearth® heat mats!

All Hog Hearth® controllers and indicators are designed optimize zone heating in farrowing rooms.
This saves you time & money; ensuring optimal heat is being delivered to your pigs at the right time.


HMC (Heat Mat Controller)

Loaded with powerful features, the HMC includes a PRE-PROGRAMMED six-step growth curve. Designed to provide optimal control over the Hog Hearth® mats, the HMC saves you time and money lowering your monthly electricity costs.

All configuration and programming parameters are never more than a few button presses away, making HMC a trouble free controller geared for ease of setup and programmability.

Operates @ 120, 208 & 240 volts. (20 amp load)

Installation Manual


HMC-S (Heat Mat Controller Slave Unit)

Any room with a mat load that exceeds 20 amps will require the installation of a HMC-Slave unit to run in conjunction with the HMC-Controller. This will allow all heat mats in the room to be controlled from the one master location (the HMC controller).

The HMC will send out a signal to the slave unit / units cycling all mats on and off at the same time. There is no limit to the number of slaves installed in a room.

Operates @ 120, 208 & 240 volts. (20 amp load)

Installation Manual


HMI (Heat Mat Indicator)

The Hog Hearth® HMI (Heat Mat Indicator) is designed to indicate that each heat mat is drawing power and producing even and consistent heat. This saves time and money my eliminating the need to take a laser wand reading or check each mat for heat by hand.

Now all heat mat activity is easily viewable from the entrance of each farrowing room. The Hog Hearth® HMI’s easy installation and liquid tight construction make this state of the art addition to the Hog Hearth® line a must for every install. Red light indicates the Hog Hearth® Mat is drawing current and producing heat.

Operates @ 120, 208 & 240 volts.

Installation Manual

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