Energy Saving Calculator

The Hog Hearth® Energy Saving Calculator is designed to provide a detailed breakdown on annual crate & full barn energy savings.

Compare watts per crate, annual KWH saved & total annual energy savings.

Step 1 – Choose the Hog Hearth® heat mat model installed in your crate. Enter model watts per crate in GREEN space below.

Step 2 – Choose the Qty of 175 watt lamps installed in your crate. Enter total lamp watts per crate in ORANGE space below.

Step 3 – Enter how many total crates in your barn in the space below.

Step 4 – Enter in your local KWH cost in the space below. (Be sure to include decimal point) Eg. $ 0.12

Hog Hearth® Single Mats are designed to service crates with an un elevated divider.
Hog Hearth® Doube Mats are designed to service split crates with an elevated divider. All double mat wattage has been pre divided /2

All Heat lamps project heat down. Only a fraction of the heat reaches the target zone and transfers to the piglets. Hog Hearth® Heat mats are insulated from below and project heat upward. All heat produced by the Hog Hearth® mat is transferred to the target heat zone and dissipates above the piglets. Hog Hearth® heat mats will not only reduce the watts required to heat a crate but will run more efficiently translating into BIG SAVINGS on your monthly service bill.

All proposed savings are based on figures taken from mats and lamps operating at full draw capacity (100%). When coupled with the HMC (Heat Mat Controller) the Hog Hearth® mat will provide even greater electrical savings!
IHT provides no guarantees or takes any responsibility regarding actual monetary or energy savings illustrated above.
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