Mats vs Lamps

All Heat lamps project heat down. This outdated technology wastes a huge amount of energy as only a fraction of the heat reaches the target zone and transfers to the piglets. The Hog Hearth® heat mat design incorporates thermal insulation positioned below the energy efficient carbon heating element. This ensures all infra-red heat produced by the Hog Hearth® mat is projected upward and transferred to the target heat zone, dissipating above the piglets.

Hog Hearth® heat mats will not only reduce the watts required to heat a crate but will run more efficiently.  The Hog Hearth® system is designed to cycle on and off using a fraction of the energy required to heat a crate vs a single or double heat lamp setup. Try our Energy Savings Calculator to view the huge monthly and annual savings on Mats vs Lamps.






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