Nursery Mat

The Innovative Heating Technologies Nursery Heat Mat provides the essential heat a newly weaned piglet needs during its transition away from a farrowing crate into a nursery environment. Constructed with an ultra durable, fire-rated, anti-microbial plastic enclosure, the heat pads creates a warm, comfortable, dry microclimate for the pigs to lay down and properly acclimate to its new surroundings. Governing the temperature of IHT’s Nursery Mat with the fully programmable IMC variable controller ensures each pig will get the right amount of heat at the right time. The non-slip, easy-clean surface of the heat mat enclosure incorporates outer rails to help keep dry feed on the surface of the heater.


(72” x 36” / 183cm x 91.5cm)

Available in 120, 208 & 240 volts / Top Connect